You should read this if you want to lead but don’t have a title

Seth Godin


True leaders don’t need a title, and true leaders don’t wait to be asked to lead are just two of the key messages which shine through in ‘Tribes’ by Seth Godin.

Seth Godin is a force of nature. Author, blogger, marketer, theorist, entrepreneur, ideas man… the list goes on. ‘Tribes’ is one of many Godin books, which aim to provoke action, challenge norms and inspire change.

In ‘Tribes’ Godin explores the notion of leadership in the 21st century, explaining that as the world becomes more and more interconnected and interlinked, and as barriers to communication come crashing down, the opportunity for people to show leadership is greater than at any other time in history.

According to Godin, a tribe can be any group with a shared interest and a means of communication.

Godin argues that the world is full of tribes waiting for a leader. In the 21st century though, our tribes are a little different. They are in our workplace, our families, our community groups, our friendship groups and online communities.

Godin implores the reader to stop thinking and acting like employees and managers and start leading; to stop embracing the factory and instead embrace the tribe. Dotted with literally dozens of examples of leaders from around the world, with and without titles, who have carved out niches for themselves and provided leadership and value to their tribes. From The Grateful Dead, to Chef David Chang and Jim Delligatti (inventor of the Big Mac) Godin shows that leadership requires initiative, establishment of a narrative, principles, connecting people and challenging the status quo.

The lessons in this book for educators are clear. You are the leaders. You are the change. What are you waiting for? Start leading.

Where is there an opportunity in your school? Where is there a tribe without a leader? How can you support your colleagues? How can you lead a team? Who can you connect with? Where is your tribe? What have you seen wrong in your school that needs fixing? How can you fix it?

This book is short, and a little more in the inspirational style than some of the other resources found here. But that makes this book no less compelling. This is a great read for aspiring leaders and teachers without a title.

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