You should read this if you want to make a lasting impression

Made to Stick

Chip and Dan Heath

Have you ever struggled to make your ideas stick? Have you ever taught your students concepts which they have promptly forgotten? Watched your staff nod in agreement during a meeting, only to watch them continue to act and behave the same old way?

Well, help is at hand from the Heath brothers.

I was excited when my latest Amazon delivery arrived last week, because I knew it would contain this book. How it has taken me so long to start reading the Heath brothers I’m not too sure. But after plowing through ‘Made to Stick’ in a couple of nights I’m converted.

Writing in the tradition of other social science writers like Malcolm Gladwell and Stephen J. Dubner, the Heath brothers synthesize ideas from cutting edge research into easy to digest, highly entertaining reading.

The Heaths provide a range of great examples of sticky ideas; great ideas that cut through and stand out from the multitude of ideas we are bombarded with daily. They distill the key elements of making ideas stick, down to their simple SUCCESS acronymn.

This book is perfect for teachers who are looking to engage their classes. It is also great for leaders who need to make a stronger impact and principals who want to act strategically.

So next time you need to cut through, and really make a lasting impression, read this book.

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