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Good Boss, Bad Boss

Robert L. Sutton

Following on from his hugely successful, zeitgeist-grabbing book “The No Asshole Rule”, Robert Sutton delivers again with his book “Good Boss, Bad Boss”.

The genesis of this book is in the hundreds and thousands of emails Sutton received after the publication of “The No Asshole Rule”. Startlingly  many of the messages pertained not to colleagues or peers, but to Bosses, Managers, Leaders and Principals.

Sutton cleverly identifies behaviours, attitudes and actions that make good bosses stand out, no matter the industry. Similarly, he outlines the damaging behaviours, attitudes and actions of bad bosses. Each attribute is supported by both real life examples from readers, and empirical research drawn from organisational and behavioural experts.

This is a great field guide for leaders to help identify the strategies that lead to effective management and leadership, and conversely, how to avoid creating a toxic workplace environment.

Educational leaders should put this book at the top of their reading list, as educational leadership can prove to be a particular minefield. What sets education apart from other industries is the fact that every teacher is a leader. They are leaders in their classrooms, schoolyards and communities. This can cut two ways. Firstly, it makes some teachers exceptionally hard to lead, as they are used to calling all of the shots in most aspects of their professional life. Secondly, it also means that when taking on formal management and leadership positions, many teachers find that the forms of leadership that made them excellent classroom teachers, can make them terrible leaders and managers.

This book can help teachers and teacher leaders to navigate this minefield, but also leads to some excellent reflective practice.

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Further Reading: ‘The No Asshole Rule’ – Bob Sutton

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